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All the features of the Single and Dual Dog Leedz in a lightweight version for small dogs.

This new version is currently in pre-production testing and will be available soon.

Introducing 4dogs Leedz

Our rope dog leads are the perfect solution for owners of larger dogs who need a reliable and durable lead for their daily walks.


Strong Rope Dog Leash Built To Last

Made with a marine grade yachting rope, these dog leads are built to last and withstand even the toughest pullers. The nickel plated carabiner with twist opening action provides added security and strength, ensuring your dog leash doesn’t get tangled and your dog stays safe and secure during walks.


Walk Multiple Dogs With A Dual Dog Lead

Whether you have one big dog or multiple larger dogs, our dual dog leads make it easy to walk them all at once. The rope lead design allows for up to 5 dogs to be walked together, making it easier for you to handle and control them. No more hassle of juggling multiple leads, the 4dogs Leedz have got you covered.

Nickel Plated Carabiners Can Hold Big Dogs

Our dog leads and leashes are perfect for owners who want a sturdy and reliable lead for their dogs. The strong marine grade yachting rope and mountain climber carabiner ensure that the lead will not break or come undone, even in the toughest conditions. And with its versatility to walk multiple dogs, it’s the perfect choice for owners with more than one furry companion.

Take Your Daily Walks To The Next Level

Experience the convenience and durability of our 4dogs Leedz and take your daily walks to the next level. Get yours today and experience the peace of mind that comes with a reliable and secure lead for your dogs.

Why rely on us?

4dogs Leedz offers strong and durable rope dog leads for larger dogs. These leads are built to last and can withstand tough pullers. The mountain climber carabiners provide extra strength and security, keeping your dog safe during walks. With the rope lead design, multiple dogs can be walked together, making it easier for owners to handle and control their furry friends. The sturdy rope and carabiners are perfect for big dogs and can withstand tough conditions. By choosing 4dogs Leedz, owners can experience convenience and peace of mind during daily walks.


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